Vident scan tools offer high engineering diagnostics capabilities. With most up-to-date vehicle coverage, including older OBD system coverage topped with variety most required service functions; Vident tools make a great choice for DIYers, home mechanics and workshops. Range include engine code readers, 4 system to all system scan tools and single to 5 make scan tools. This flexibility allows you to choose your scan tool based on wanted coverage or functions saving you even more. 

$695.00 $625.00

SKU: iAuto700

Vident iAuto700 OBD Scan Tool - All SYS (78+ Makes)

$299.00 $290.00

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SKU: iLink400BMW

Vident iLink400 Professional Scan Tool - All System + Functions + Coding (For BMW)

$990.00 $975.00

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SKU: iAuto730

Vident iAuto730 Full System + Functions + Coding


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SKU: iBT100

Vident iBT100 12V Auto Battery Tester