How To Setup ELM327 USB Cable OBD II Scanner With A PC

This page has some suggested procedures on how to Set up ELM327 USB Cable OBD-II Scan Tool on your Windows computer. 

Make sure your car is OBD2 compatible. You can check our list of OBD2 compatible cars here

STEP 1. Download and Install Latest ELM-327 Driver Files

You can browse and download the latest drivers manually from here

STEP 2: Install your preferred OBD-II software to your computer  Check Available OBD2 Software Here

STEP 3:  Identify the COM-Port associated to the device in the Device Manager.

Consider opening the device manager before you plug in the OBD-II adapter so you can see the item add in real-time.

STEP 4:  Connect your ELM327 Interface to the OBD-II adapter in your vehicle and the USB cable to your computer.

STEP 5: Turn ignition key to “ON”

STEP 6: Open the OBD-II software and connect to the interface by selecting the COM-Port associated to the device.


  • If the COM-Port is set higher than the software allows, you will need to change the COM-Port in the Device Manager by right clicking on properties.
  • If the software fails to connect to the interface, un-install it from the Device Manger and reinstall the drivers by plugging in back in.