Where To Buy Car OBD HUD Head Up Display

Car Head Up Display or normally referred to as HUD is a car electronic device that displays various parameter to the driver in real-time.

HUDs are increasingly being found on many modern vehicles on the market. The main objective is to help drivers keep the eyes on the road by placing the HUD on the dash where the information is directly monitored or projected into the windshield. Of course, similar to any device on the car, the monitoring must be moderate and driver should not be distracted.

There are many types of HUDs. Mainly GPS-based and OBDII-based. Where the later only works with OBDII compatible cars the information in this case can be more accurate and richer.

Depending the HUD type and model, a number of parameters can be monitored including speed, RPM, fuel consumption, coolant temperature, voltage and more. Some HUDs also have various driver alerts such as overspeed, fatigue, gear shift, engine trouble code, low voltage etc.

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