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Eco Driving As A Skill

A Monash University pilot study has found that eco driving has the potential to dramatically cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions in vehicles by up to 41%. [1]

Eco driving is often considered a cost-effective and effective way of reducing fuel consumption. It basically teaches how to utilise the vehicle differently and bring out new potentials by learning the techniques on things like accelerating, braking, using gears etc.

When you start, accelerate, slow or stop your vehicle, you are changing the momentum of several hundred kilos of dead weight. This takes energy. The energy comes from burning fuel.

So, if you minimise rapid changes in speed and direction, you minimise fuel consumption.

Here are some eco driving techniques:

Take It Easy On The Accelerator:

More revs equals more fuel use, more emissions, and more wear and tear. Drive at a good distance from the car in front so that you can anticipate speed changes and move smoothly with the flow of traffic. This cut down on the unnecessary acceleration and repetitive braking that ends up wasting fuel. It’s also far safer.

Use Your Gear Sensibly:

Sensible use of the gearbox is another important fuel efficient driving technique . Driving in a lower gear than is necessary and revving the engine hard wastes fuel. Change up through the gears as soon as practical, though not so quickly that the engine labours.

Avoid Heavy Braking:

Minimise the need to brake by anticipating traffic conditions. Be alert for slow-downs, red lights and brakes being applied ahead of you. When driving, your attention should be as far down the road as possible. This gives you more time to react to changing conditions.

Eco driving promotes a fuel-efficient, adaptive and safe way of driving. It will not only save you fuel costs — but will also reduce wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine, transmission, brakes and tyres, saving you even more money on running costs.

Want to learn more on eco driving? See our suggested books below.

The Efficient Driver’s Handbook: Your Guide to Fuel Efficient Driving Techniques and Car Choice

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